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The applications of power cable tapes


Wire and cable are used to transmit electrical (magnetic) energy, information, and wire products that enable electromagnetic energy conversion. The generalized wire and cable are also referred to as cables. A narrower cable is an insulated cable. It can be defined as: an assembly of the following components; one or more insulated cores, and their respective possible coverings. Protective layer and outer sheath, the cable can also have additional uninsulated conductors

The power cable is mainly composed of a conductor, (semi) conductor shielding layer, insulation layer, insulation shielding, buffer layer, metal sheath, outer sheath and semi-conductive coating. If the three-core cable will be multi-belt, sheathed armored and so on.


The following are the main package applications:

1.PET tape: It is generally used for cables, communication cables, data cables and other cables, which can strengthen the insulation.

2, refractory mica tape, flame-retardant tape (halogen fiberglass tape), fiberglass tape; special requirements, fire-retardant and fire-resistant;

3.Semi-conductive tape, copper tape, aluminum plastic composite tape --- shield

4.Aluminum tape, non-magnetic steel tape, galvanized steel tape, painted steel tape - reinforced armored

5.Ribbon, identification tape, printing tape, cable tie ------ logo, wrapping

PET tape: Generally used for control cable, communication cables, data cables, etc.

Non-woven fabric: it is a variety of cables into the package

Water blocking tape: Water blocking cable is practical, it can also be used as high voltage power cables

Mica tape: fire-resistant power cable

Low-smoke, halogen-free wrapping tape: Used as a flame-retardant application, especially for environmentally friendly cables, and cables with high flame retardancy

Semi-conductive nylon tape: used as a conductive wrap shield for medium- and high-voltage cross-linked cables, also for low-voltage concentric cables

PP tape: winding pad for armored cable

Asphalt paper tapes: For cables with corrosion protection requirements, generally used for submarine cables

LAP (aluminum-plastic composite tape): for integrated waterproof layer, common in concentric cables, subway cables and power cables