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2 Core XLPE Insulation ABC Cable Manufacturer


Insulated aerial strands are single-layer or multi-layer aluminum strands stranded wires with an insulating layer on the outside. Due to the complex distribution environment in the urban areas, short-circuit grounding and lightning strike lines often occur, resulting in reduced reliability of the power supply. Therefore, the overhead lines below 10kV are generally insulated (that is, the outer layer of the wire is wrapped with an insulating layer). This is the insulated overhead line.


2 Core ABC Cable Product Parameters

Product information
Product name2 Core ABC Cable
Insulation materialXLPE
Conductor materialAl
Conductor diameter1.7
Number of conductors7
Finished product outer diameter7.1
ApplicationUsed for single power of 1 kV

Packaging information
Disk diameter1.12 m
Inner cylinder0.38 m
Outside width1.1 m
Length of cable/ disk4000 m