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0.6/1kV Copper Conductor SWA Cable Manufacturer



Multi-core PVC cable with steel wire armour (SWA). Primarily designed for fixed external wiring for energy supply. Suitable for external use and direct burial. (This range of cables is also available in Low smoke zero halogen.)


Conductor Class 2 stranded copper conductor according to BS EN 60228 (previously BS 6360)

Insulation XLPE Cross-Linked Polyethylene

Bedding PVC Polyvinyl Chloride

Armour SWA Steel Wire Armoured

Sheath PVC Polyvinyl

Voltage Rating (Uo/U) 600/1000V

Temperature Rating Fixed: -25°C to +90°C

Minimum Bending Radius 1.5mm2 to 16mm2 - Fixed: 6 x overall diameter

25mm2 and above - Fixed: 8 x overall diameter

Core Identification 2 core: Brown Blue

3 core: Brown Black Grey

4 core: Brown Blue Black Grey

5 core: Green/Yellow Brown Blue Black Grey

Alternative Core Identification:

White cores with Black numbers


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