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How to select excellent 95 sq mm aluminum cable ?


As we all know, cable and wire are a necessity for the development and construction of every country and region. So, the demand for power cable and electrical wire is very great. Especially 16mm, 35mm, 95mm, 185mm, 240mm aluminum and copper cable, which are very popular all over the world. In order to make your project goes smoothly, you need to know how to select these cables. Next, let’s take 95 sq mm cable aluminum cable as an example and discuss something that you are supposed to notice.  

Identify the certification mark of 95 sq mm aluminium cable.

When you are purchasing 95mm aluminium cable, please be sure to check whether there is a product certification mark on the certificate. And the 95 sq mm aluminium cable model specifications, rated voltage, length, date of manufacture, certification number, inspection, implementation standards, factory name, address and other marks are clear. It is similar to buy 185sq mm aluminum cable and 240 sq mm copper cable, you also need to pay attention to these details. Contact us to get your 95 sq mm aluminium cable price list.  


Check the 95mm aluminium cable length.

95mm aluminium cable are generally packaged in circles, with a standard length of 100 metres per lap. (25 and 50 m small packages for individual supermarket varieties). And standard allow error of 0.5 m. Although the length of low-quality 95 sq mm copper cable is also 100 meters per lap. But the actual length is only 65 to 95 meters, so don’t price them by circles, but by meters. Instead, you should discuss the length of the wire in an important issue that you should pay attention to. Being a reliable 95sq mm aluminum cable supplier, we suggest that you choose a reputable partner. So that you can rest assured to buy 95 sq mm copper cable, 185 sq mm aluminum cable, 300 mm2 copper cable or other cable.  

When buying 95 sq mm aluminium cable, do not just covet the price 95mm aluminium cable is cheap. Do not choose only 90m or 80m, even without the length of the wire and cable. The length of 95 sq mm aluminium cable must meet the 100 (+/-) 0.5m standard requirements. Choosing Jiapu Cable Group and get your quality guaranteed and cheap price of 95 sq mm copper cable. Let’s start a pleasant cooperation now.