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2 core armoured cable manufacturing process


Product Feature

Conductor: Aluminium or Copper

Voltage: Up to 35 KV

Armoured: SWA (Steel Wire Armoured) / STA(Steel Tape Armoured) / AWA (Aluminium Wire Armoured) Non-Armoured

Insulation: XLPE / PVC / LSF / Fire Resistant

Cores: 1, 2 or multi-core according to your requirements

Section Area: 1.5mm2-1000mm2

Standard: IEC 60502, BS 7870, GB/ T12706 or other.

Packaging: Iron Or Wooden Drum

Application: Building, Engineered, Railway, Plant Construction, School, Hospital, Underground and so on.


2 core armoured cable manufacturing and most of the mechanical and electrical products production is completely different. Electromechanical products are usually used to assemble the other components into parts. Re-assembly of multiple components into a single product. And the number of products to the number of units or measurement. The basic unit of 2 core armoured cable measurement is according to length. All 2 core armored cable are made into double armoured cable products from the processing of conductors. With insulation, shielding, cable forming, coating, etc. What’s more, the structure of the two core armoured cable is more complex. Meanwhile, more layers stack together. What 2 core armoured cable structure do you need? Just tell us your requirement, and we will reply you as possible as quickly.