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3 core flat submersible cable manufacturer


Henan Jiapu Cable is professional pvc wires and cables manufacturer in China,we can supply pvc cables, Cu/Al PVC insulation power cable,flexible wire,coaxial cable,aerial bundle cable(ABC),armoured cable and unarmoured cable. If you have any need or any question, please contact us!


Nos.&Dia. of wireNominal Core Dia.Conductor Resistance at 20°C (max) ohms/km 
Nos. / mmmmTikness mm

22/0.303.256.0012.1036/0.303.846.407.4156/0.304.507.404.9585/0.305.307.903.30140/0.306.509.901.91226/0.308.0011.401.21354/0.3010.1014.700.780495/0.3011.3016.200.554<span style="\"font-family:" times="" new="">     90