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The advantages of XLPE insulated cable


1. Heat resistance: XLPE with mesh structure has excellent heat resistance. It does not decompose and carbonize below 300 °C. The long-term working temperature can reach 90 °C, and the thermal life can reach 40 years.

2. Insulation performance: XLPE maintains the good insulation properties of PE and further increases the insulation resistance. The dielectric loss tangent is small and is not affected by temperature.

3, Mechanical characteristics: the hardness, stiffness, wear resistance and impact resistance of XLPE have been improved due to the establishment of new chemical bonds between macromolecules, thus making up for the shortcomings of PE susceptible to environmental stress and cracking.


4. Chemical resistance: XLPE has strong acid and alkali resistance and oil resistance. Its combustion products are mainly water and carbon dioxide, which have less harm to the environment and meet the safety requirements of modern fire prevention .

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