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Where to buy unarmoured cable?


The structure of non armoured cable

Different type of unarmoured cable, the structure actually not much difference. Just like like any other ordinary cable, the non armoured cable has four main components. They are conductor, insulation layer, inner covering and over sheath. Unarmed cable only no armour protective layer. Conductor core is used to transmit power or signal. Insulation layer to ensure that power or signal transmission along the conductor and isolated from the outside world. So as to withstand the voltage grid. The protective covering acts as a protective seal on the insulating layer and can keep the insulation performance for a long time. We can produce unarmoured cable according to your requirements. 

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Jiapu Cable Group is a leading supplier of unarmoured cable. We mainly produce 0 kv to 35 kv non armoured cable. Within this voltage range, we can produce cables that meet European and international standards, such as those of the United States, the United Kingdom, France, etc. What type of non armored cable do you need? Contact us and get your unarmoured cable quotation.