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ACSR - ASTM - Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced Suppliers



ACSR conductor consists of a solid or stranded steel core surrounded by strands of aluminium. ACSR conductor is available in a range of steel strengths varying from 6% up to 40%. The higher strength ACSR conductors are used for river crossings, overhead earth wires, and installations involving extra long spans. Against any given resistance of conductor, ACSR conductor may be manufactured to have different tensile strengths as per requirement. The principal advantage of these conductors are their high tensile strength and light weight, covering longer spans with less supports. Due to the greater diameter of an ACSR conductor much higher corona limit can be obtained, giving a big advantage on high and extra high voltage overhead lines.



Conductor Hard Drawn Aluminium: BS EN 60889

AL1 and Zinc coated steel wire as per BS EN 50189 with the class and grade in accordance with ST1A, ST5E and ST6C

You can then run tests on how conductive it is. If it matches up to what it is supposed to be, then you will know that they are not only well-designed but they are made of quality materials. Click here to get power cable free samples from China power cable suppliers. Click here if you want to get cheap bare conductor price list.