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15kV EPR/AIA/PVC Shielded Armoured Power Cable Applications


Ideally suited for use in a broad range of commercial, industrial and utility applications where reliability is the major concern, maximum performance is demanded, space is limited, ease of installation is critical and fire resistance is necessary

May be installed in wet or dry locations, indoors or outdoors and in exposed or concealed work

May be used in cable trays or on approved supports in protected areas

Permitted for use in Class I, Class II Division 2, and Class III Divisions 1 and 2 per NEC Article 334


15kV EPR/AIA/PVC Shielded Armored Power Cable Features:

Rated at 105°C wet or dry

Excellent heat and moisture resistance

Outstanding corona resistance

Flexibility for easy handling

High dielectric strength

Low moisture absorption

Electrical stability under stress

Low dielectric loss

Chemical and radiation resistant

Excellent crush resistance

Cost-effective alternative to installations in conduit

Meets cold bend test at -25℃

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