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How to choose and buy cheap and fine wire and cable


As the main carrier of electric power transmission, electric wire and cable are widely used in electrical equipment, lighting circuit, household electrical appliances, etc., the quality of which has a direct impact on the quality of the project and the life and property safety of consumers. In the market there are a lot of wire varieties, according to their own electricity load to use the appropriate wire.

The wire on the market sell some cheap and some expensive, some people tend to first but relatively cheap, cheap, wire, often have a lot less than the performance that he explained, it may bring a lot of hidden dangers to themselves. The production technology of wire is not too high, the raw material is not much difference, if cheap too much, or cut corners, or is not enough for the number of. So how to identify it. I'll give you some easy ways to identify:

0-6-1KV-5-1-5mm-copper (2).jpg

1, look at the packaging, the national standard wire is often done better, neatly, with a sense of quality to get up.

2, to open the package look at the inside of the wire, the wire 1.5 GB -6 square wire is required (thick insulation thickness) is 0.7mm, too thick is non-standard, corresponding to his inner core would certainly not enough, you can force the wire pull, not easy to tear is general is the national standard

3, with the fire, after leaving the 5S inside out, there is a certain flame retardant function for the national standard line.

4, look at the inner core, the inner core material (copper) higher brightness and better copper, photometric uniform, shiny, no sense of hierarchy. GB requirements must be used in the core of oxygen free copper. Non standard, such as black rod copper, there may be accidents.

300-500V-2-core-3-core-copper (1).jpg

Of course, each country has each country standards, choose to suit their own or wire, wire and cable, wire and cable, Pu can produce many standards such as American Standard, British standard, international standard and so on. Welcome foreign customers to visit the factory, booking products.