XLPE/PE Insulated URD Cable Manufacturer - Jiapu Cable

XLPE/PE Insulated URD Cable Manufacturer



Directly buried or installed in ducts for 600 volt secondary distribution.

· Cable in Duct(CIC)

· Abrasion Resistant


1.B-230, B-231 and ICEA S-66-524, UL Standard 854 for type USE

2.Four kinds of Series:

220-MIL-EPR-15-KV-URD-Cable (1).png

Code name :6AWG-

Code name: 8AWG-Bard; 6AWG-Clafin; 4AWG-Delgado; 2AWG-Everett

600V Triplex Conductor URD Cable

Code name: 4AWG-Tulsa; 2AWG-Dyke; 2AWG-Wittenberg; 1/0AWG-Notre Dame; 1/0AWG-Purdue; 2/0AWG-Syracuse; 2/0AWG-Lafayette; 3/0AWG-Swarthmore; 3/0AWG-Davidson; 4/0AWG-Wake Forest; 4/0AWG-Earlham; 350AWG-Slippery Rock; 500AWG-Wofford; 750AWG-Windham