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Maintenance method for power cable line malfunction


With the improvement of living standards, low-voltage cables play an increasingly important role in life. Commonly used are: 0.6/1kv aluminum service drop/xlpe power cable/electric pvc wire/low voltage abc cable.

The prevention and maintenance of the open circuit needs to be considered from the aspects of circuit design and regular maintenance of the line to prevent the open circuit fault. First of all, we must have a certain understanding of the basic situation of the line, increase the cross-sectional area of the wire, and do not need too thin wires. Also, the fuse specifications must be the same (guarantee the fuses of the three-phase line and the specifications of the protective electrical fuse)

An overload protector can be used to avoid overload. Monitor the real-time traffic of the line and watch out for overload phenomena. Circuit overload is usually accompanied by spontaneous combustion, and low-voltage fuses can be installed in the low-voltage line to protect against overload conditions.


Protecting the insulation layer from damage is the main idea to prevent short circuit. We can choose high-quality heat-resistant high-quality wire and insulation materials, and can also be equipped with an electronic trip circuit breaker as a safety protection device. Once the circuit fails, the fuse will quickly disconnect the power supply and flexibly protect the circuit. .

To prevent ground malfunctions, a leakage protector can be installed. The leakage protector can effectively protect the grounding line.

The low-voltage line is the main line for residential electricity consumption. It implements strict periodic line inspection, timely replaces the weathered and aging line segments of the insulation; rationally plans the layout of the power grid, so that the problematic lines are discovered in time; and take certain preventive measures for external force damage. Language, warning slogans, preaching in the mass community to avoid human damage.


As the power grid continues to penetrate into urban and rural areas, and it is related to the daily life of more and more people, low-voltage line faults still occur frequently. The importance of circuit safety is related to the safety of people's property and even life. This requires us to have some understanding of the common distribution line faults, so as to prevent it. In practice, we will continue to sum up experience, make the low-voltage line operation and maintenance continue to be scientific and perfect, and make corresponding maintenance and management for different faults. The operation and maintenance equipment keeps pace with the times, improves the relevant work skill level, etc., and thus maintains the safety and stability of the power grid system and provides reliable safety for people's lives.