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Overhead Cable Fault Precautions


Overhead Cable Fault precautions:

single-phase ground fault prevention measures

Timely pruning the tree line where the obvious contradiction between the trees.

Lightning protection measures taken to reduce the lightning caused the single-phase fault. In addition, in order to reduce the surface of the insulator and porcelain skirt inner product contamination or poor manufacturing quality moisture after rain, and flashover discharge, resulting in a ground fault occurs in the line construction (reconstruction) must choose qualified, good quality of insulators, and pressure test prior to installation, ensure the installation quality.


In the peak load, the use of an infrared thermometer to measure the temperature of the wire joints, once found abnormal temperature, treated immediately, to avoid the heat fuse wire.

short-circuit fault prevention measures

Measures to prevent external damage

In order to reduce vehicle collision accident tower, try to migrate tower, it can not migrate suspended striking the reflective paint brand in the tower, to cause the vehicle driver's attention.

Prohibition is set to take eye-catching signs, printing leaflets, etc. to strengthen publicity and education, in order to prevent the kite, color, etc., causing a short circuit fault of.


Strengthening and municipal garden department associates, timely pruning affect the safe operation of the trees.

Seeks to obtain with the local police, the public security department, the development of effective prevention measures and specific programs to strengthen efforts to combat the theft of 10 kV line tower destroyed materials and fittings and other electrical installations.

Operational department regular visits to check the foundation towers 10 kV line, cable-based and illegal building, the foundation of the tower, cable-based emptied of timely repair of defective and maintenance of the equipment in time for the illegal buildings to be sorted out.