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Failure overhead cable and preventive measures


(1) In the distribution line, because the line horizontally, and a smaller distance between the lines, if the wires within the same span sag is not the same as when the wind is strong swing of each wire is not the same, leading to the collision caused white wire short circuits, so the construction must be strict, attention wire tension, three-phase conductor sag equal, and a predetermined standard range. When line inspection, found that the above problems, it is timely to arrange treatment.


(2) The wind cut off a branch falling on the line, or a guide line throwing metal objects, can also cause phase short circuit wire, even broken. In addition, ultra-high crane car through the line or in the line below the bottom of the job, it may cause a short circuit or line break accident. Therefore, at the intersection, cross the line spacing should leave some distance.


(3) Due to the long lead eroded water, air and harmful gases, oxidation damage, steel wire and lightning line most likely to rust, found severe corrosion in the tour lead, should be promptly replaced.

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