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The Concept of Environmentally Friendly Cable


Low smoke halogen-free cable is not "green cable"? In fact, we all know that the entire cable structure of halogen content of less than 0.5% of the cable, called low smoke halogen-free cable. International generally 0.5% of the halogen content as zero halogen content. This kind of cable, which only distributes trace amounts of white smoke under fire conditions and does not distribute toxic and corrosive gases, caters to the psychology of environmental protection and the importance of safety in today's world. 


So there have been a wide variety of reputation, such as: green cable, green cable, green cable, etc., there may be other names, so many users dizzying. Although they refer to the same type of product, but not all the full sense of the "green cable." Environmental protection cable with flame retardant, low smoke, halogen-free, low toxicity, lead, cadmium and other harmful heavy metals, the fire is not easy to burn and smoke hazards and other high security features, and will not cause harm to the environment, People on the ecological and environmental protection requirements, is a green product. 


"Green cable" refers to the cable does not contain any harmful substances in the cable, not just halogen, there are a variety of harmful heavy metals and so on.