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Rubber Insulated Flat Reel Cable Manufacturer


Application and Standard:

Rubber Insulated Flat Reel Cable H05RR-F H07RR-F rubber cable : These tough rubber sheathed cables conform to the CENELEC Common European regulations and are ideal for use in both outdoor and wet conditions. The H05RR-F are ideal for lightweight hand and workshop tools whilst the H07RN-F are more suitable for increasingly higher levels of stress and heavy duty equipment.H05RN-F rubber cable commonly used as connection cables in horticulture or workshop tools that might be subject to or in contact with oils and fats.Also suitable for processing equipment, mobile power, construction sites, stage and audiovisual equipment, port areas and DAMS. It is also suitable for gypsum fixation devices, temporary buildings and housing, barracks drainage and sewage treatment, cold environment and harsh industrial environment.IEC60245, GB/T 5013 Customized Other Standard such as VDE,ASTM,DIN according to the customer's request.



H05RN-F (Class 5 plain or tinned copper conductor/EPR rubber insulation/PCP sheath)Lightweight rubber sheathed cable

H05RR-F (Class 5 plain or tinned copper conductor/EPR rubber insulation/NEOPRENE sheath)Lightweight rubber sheathed cable.

H07RN-F (Class 5 plain or tinned copper conductor/EPR rubber insulation/NEOPRENE sheath) Heavy duty chloroprene sheathed cable

H07ZZ-F  Low smoke halogen free rubber cable

H01N2-D Rubber sheathed welding cable


Working condition:

1,The rated voltage for YQ type is 300/300 V, YZ/YZW type(H05RN-F) is 300/500V,YC/YCW type(H07RN-F) is 450/750V.

2,The long-term working temperature allowed by conductor should be not more than 60 ° C.

3,W-type cable with climate resistance and oil resistance, suitable for outdoors or in contact with oil occasions. 

4,ZR type cable has flame retardant properties, can be used for fire-retardant occasions.

5,Service temperature:-30ºC +60ºC

6,Core indentification:

  2cores: Brown, Blue

  2cores+earh(3G):Brown, Blue,+Green/Yellow

  3 cores+earth(4G):Brown, Blue,Black,+Green/Yellow

  4 cores + earth(5G):Brown, Blue,Black,Black,+Green/Yellow