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Power Cable Rated Voltage & Basic Structure


Power cable is used for transmission and distribution power cable, power cable is often used in urban underground power grid, power stations, which leads to the line, industrial and mining enterprises, internal power underwater transmission line.

The basic structure of power cable line by core (conductor), insulation, shielding layer and protective layer of four parts.

Core: line core is conductive part of power cable, used for conveying power, is the main part of the power cable.


Insulation: insulation layer is the line between the core and the earth and the different phase of wire core in the electrical insulated from each other, guarantee the electric power transmission, is an integral part of power cable structure.

Shield: 15 kv and above power cable is generally a conductor shielding layer and the insulating shield.

Protection: protective role is to protect the power cable from the outside world the invasion of the impurities and moisture, and prevent the external force directly damage the power cable.