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Advantages of aluminum alloy conductor aerial bundled cable


Rated voltage of 20kV and below strength aluminum alloy conductors of aerial bundled cable with small sag obvious characteristics, which can make stringing tower than the same size ACSR reduced height, which greatly reduces the cost of the project. In addition, due to the use of aluminum alloy conductor, reducing the conductor diameter, saving insulating materials of 5%, reduced the weight of the cable is 5-10%, reduce the tower mean stress. This greatly improves the safety of the line.


The strength of aluminum alloy conductor aerial bundled cable, the cable pull weight ratio, has excellent anti overload ability and anti fatigue properties; product has the structure of the type line, with the conductor binds more tightly, the cable diameter is reduced and improve the cable wind and ice loading capacity; cable inside the steel core, no hysteresis and eddy current losses, improve the carrying capacity of the wire, in large capacity transmission, saving significant; the cable conductor is made of the same material cutter, makes the connection hardware simple, only a connection pipe and line connection is not easy to drum kits or lantern phenomenon.


This product and the same specification steel core aluminum stranded wire of aerial bundled cable has obvious advantages compared, which can reduce the load of the tower, in the old line can not changing tower bearing can increase the transmission capacity, on new lines can increase the span between towers, reduce the cost to build.

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