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High Temperature Cable Use Attention


1. High temperature cable we need to pay attention to the daily use of its surface clean, can not have debris adsorbed on the surface of the cable, but also pay attention to the cable damp, frozen, heated, etc., if the cable damp, the water will penetrate the cable Affect the normal operation of the internal strand; by freezing will lead to the shell of the gel hardening and cracking, the formation of insecurity; in the heat will lead to cable moisture absorption and deformation, affecting the normal use of the cable.

2. To prevent corrosion of insulating oil

High temperature cable insulating oil because of its own physical and chemical properties, easy to corrode the cable shell material, the two long contact, will lead to complete corrosion of the cable, affecting the normal operation of the cable.


3. Do not over-bend the cable

The cable has its own maximum bending radius, which can not exceed this limit, otherwise it will cause damage to the cable. Because the cable in the bending, the internal core and the metal wire will lead to charge concentration, resulting in the accumulation of a lot of charge at the bending point, easy to breakdown the cable at the bend of the shell. 

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