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Jiapu Cable Factory production for Uganda LV Cable order


Nowadays, our factory are busy producing an LV Cable order from Uganda. This is using for a construction project. Jiapu LV cable are widely used in Africa, we have great advantages on LV power cable, LV control cable,Concentric Cable. We won the global market by high stable quality, reasonable comptitive price and fast delivery.

 The application range of this type of steel wire armored LV power cable is very wide, it can be directly buried in the ground, laying both inside and outside the production workshop, t can also be equipped in navigable river and marsh area. Usually round steel wire armoured power cables can be installed in the bottom, across the perennial navigable rivers and lakes, etc. Variable sub-station feeder often be used together with this cable. 


When we choose a suitable low voltage cable , firstly, we need to determine the low voltage cable model, core number, length and cross section, etc. When we choose the low voltage cable main conductor section, we should make sure the cable main conductor section must meet the following conditions: 

1). During the normal work, the actual temperature cable conductors shall not exceed the cable allows temperature in a long time period, so we should guarantee the biggest long-term working current flows through the cable shall not exceed the allowed continuous current;


2). During the normal work, we should guarantee the supply network all the terminal voltage of the motor in the rated voltage range of 95% ~ 105%, only some special far away motor can be allowed a volatge of offset of 8% ~ 10%;

3). We should make sure the large power motor in a long distance can start normally even it is under the condition of overloading, also should ensure the starter has enough holding voltage.


4). The selected cable must meet the requirements of mechanical strength.In the choice of low voltage cable main conductor cross section on the above terms and conditions, the feeder cable generally according to the primary mechanical strength of the minimum section, the suitable conductor section should be decided after checking the standard continuous allowing current.

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