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8.7/15 Kv aluminum dc power cable manufacturer


1.Application :

Used for indoor & outdoor laying,The Cable can bear a certain laying traction,but can't bear the mechanical force from outide.Single core cable can't be allowed to lay in the magnetic pipe . The Cable is used for fixed laying in the rated voltage (U0/U)0.6/1KV,3.6/6KV & below for power transmission.

4-35mm2-xlpe-insulated-armoured-aluminum-electrical (1).jpg

2.Product implementation standard:

GB/T12706-2002 Rated Voltage 1KV(uM=1.2KV) to 35KV(uM=40.5Kv) insulation electrical power & auxilary IEC60502-1997 Rated voltage 1-30kV Insulation electrical power cable & auxiliaries.

3.Operational performances:

 (1)Working temperature:

The Max.conductor working temperature: 70℃ Centigrade    Conductor short circuit temperature : highest temperature not more than 160℃ , the longest time not more than 5 seconds.


The min.bending radius of cable installation :

Table 1 : 

ItemSingle core Power Cable3 Cores Electrical Power Cable
No ArmourWith ArmourNo ArmourWith Armour
The Min.bending radius of cable installation20D15D15D12D
The min.bending radius near connecting box & terminal cable15D12D12D10D
Note : "D" refers to outside diameter of electrical power cable.

OEM-4x300sq-mm-Copper-PVC-Insulated-Sheathed (1).jpg

(2)Installation laying temperature :

Cable installation laying temperature not less than 0℃ Cable current-carrying capacity laying mode & basic parameters: Air laying: enviromental temperature : 40℃ Soil laying: enviromental temperature : 25℃ Soil Thermal resistance coefficient : 1.0.m/W Cable laying arrangments:

Single core calbe arrangment :Flat type. (adjacent space equals to cable outside diameter);  

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