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0.6/1KV Copper core XLPE insulation armoured PVC sheath power cable manufacturer


Product Description

High quality armoured low voltage 3 core power cables with XLPE insulated

YJ---- crosslinked polyethylene insulation

V---- PVC sheath

The name of the YJV cable type is: XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable.

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XLPE insulated power cable has excellent thermal mechanical properties, excellent electrical and chemical corrosion resistance. It has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, and not limited to falling drop. It is a new cable widely used in urban power grid, mine and factory.

The insulated crosslinked polyethylene (PE) of the cable is a cross-linked polyethylene that uses chemical methods and physical methods to convert polyethylene of linear molecular structure into a three-dimensional reticulated polyethylene, which greatly improves the thermal mechanical properties of polyethylene and thus maintains excellent electrical properties.


The maximum rated working temperature of the conductor of XLPE insulated power cable is 90 C, which is higher than PVC insulation and polyethylene insulated cable, so the capacity of cable is further improved.

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