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xlpe insulated 2500mm2 power cable prices



They are applied to the fields including power, construction, mines, metallurgy, petrochemical industry and communication in complete replace of oil immersed paper insulated power cable and in partial replace of PVC insulated power cable.

Xlpe insulated 2500mm2 power cable for widely use

1.Household, building use wire

2.Power device

3.Daily use electric appliance

4.Instruments and Apparatuses

5.Telecommunication equipment

6.Various power transmission

3-core-cable-240mm2-copper-Conductor-XLPE (1).png

Packaging & Shipping

Xlpe insulated 2500mm2 power cable with various package

1. packing details:Plastic /wooden drum:100m/roll, 500m/roll, 1000m/roll

according to customer requirement

2.For small quantity, shipment is prefered to shipping with express by UPS,DHL,EMS,TNT or FedEX to meet your deadline on time

3.For regular mass production, shipments can be arrange by air-shipping , sea-shipping or express.let us know your requirement and deadline


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