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RVV 3*2.5 mm2 flame retardant flexible sheath white wire manufacturer


Product Name: copper conductor PVC insulated and sheathed flexible wire (flame retardant)

Product model: ZB-RVV 3*2.5mm2 50m

Conductor: oxygen free copper

Conductor structure: 3*0.2/77

Insulation thickness: 0.8mm

Jacket thickness: 1.0mm

Finished outside diameter: 9.6-12.0mm

Rated voltage: 300/500V

Color: white


RVV 3*2.5 mm2 flame retardant flexible sheath wires

Finished products details:

1. High purity oxygen free copper:

Low loss, and conductivity lasting stability, save power and more secure.

2. Line body printing logo:

Outer packing clean and neat, lines even thickness smooth, certification, manufacturers, voltage grade lettering clearly.

3. High quality PVC:

Insulating layer corrosion resistance, wear resistance, good flame retardant performance, the use of safe.

4. Product certificate:

Anti-counterfeit labels, date of production, technical parameters, and other information logo are clearly visible.

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