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PVC cable manufacturer teaches you how to locate cable fault points


(1) sound measurement method: the so-called sound measurement method is based on the fault cable discharge sound to find, the method for high-voltage cable core wire on the insulation flashover is more effective. The equipment used in this method is a DC voltage tester. In the fault at the cable core wire on the insulation discharge "Zizi, Zi" spark discharge sound, for the laying of cable with a sense of hearing can be directly found, if the buried cable, first of all to identify and indicate the cable to, and then noise The smallest time, with deaf hearing aids or medical stethoscope and other audio amplification equipment to find.


(2) bridge method: bridge method is to use a double arm bridge to measure the cable core wire DC resistance value, and then accurately measure the actual length of the cable, according to the cable length and resistance proportional relationship between the calculation of the point of failure. This method is not more than 3m for the direct short circuit or short circuit point contact resistance of the cable core. If the fault resistance is greater than 1Ω, the resistance can be reduced to 1Ω by increasing the voltage. The following, and then measured by this method.

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