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ACSR Manufacturer Explains the Advantages of Products for Us


Now there are many standards for the selection of steel-cored aluminum stranded wire in the market. In this case, the buyer is very concerned about the manufacturer of the product. Now let's briefly introduce the high-quality manufacturer of steel-cored aluminum stranded wire, how about the Henan Jiapu ACSR manufacturer?


First of all, the steel-cored aluminum stranded wire is made of aluminum wire and steel wire. In the technical aspect of the product, the stranding process is very important, and the standard for the selection of the aluminum wire steel wire has the specified requirements. Henan Jiapu steel core aluminum strand manufacturers are very cautious in the selection of raw materials or in the processing of products, when stranding, there is a special staff to test the finished product to ensure the quality of the products manufactured by the factory.


When we use steel core aluminum strands in industry, it is mainly for overhead transmission lines, so aluminum strands play a role in transmitting electricity, precisely because of this important characteristic. So it's very important to choose a good raw material for aluminum wire.

ACSR is mainly used in the power industry. At present, its line is very limited for high-voltage power, but we can't put many such lines on one path, so we need to take a measure. Steel-cored aluminum stranded wire can be used for overhead transmission lines. The use of such products is still very extensive, of course, this has a lot to do with its advantages.


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