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Steel core aluminum stranded wire main product advantages and prices


When we first learned about the steel-cored aluminum stranded wire, it was because it developed very rapidly in the industrial market, and such a product must have an advantage that other similar products could not match, so now we will Let's briefly introduce the advantages of ACSR.


Steel-cored aluminum stranded wire is a single-layer or multi-layer aluminum wire twisted together, the structure of the steel core aluminum strand is very simple in the process of use, which ensures that the installation time can be greatly reduced, and provides convenience for our life. In terms of transmission volume, the amount of transmission is very huge, no matter when crossing rivers, lakes and seas, it can always change according to the special terrain, so the availability of space becomes larger, and it is greatly praised by people.


On the other hand, the steel-cored aluminum stranded wire is very excellent in technical conditions, so its economic benefit income is very huge, so the high cost performance guarantees that the people who use it can benefit from higher products, regardless of technology. Or economic considerations are the most suitable products to use.

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