120 sq mm cable diameter - Jiapu Cable

120 sq mm cable diameter


National standard 120 sq mm cable core is twisted by 37 root diameter 2 mm round wire. The diameter of single core GB 120 square mm cable is 20.2 mm, two core is 39.9 mm, three core is 42.9 mm, four core is 47.8mm.

The 120mm2 cable outer diameter is devided into model and the voltage level:



120 single conductor diameter is 13.1mm

1kV YJV 1*120 diameter is 18.6mm

35kV YJV 1*120 diameter is 43.6mm

YJV-3 * 120+2 * 70, approximate outer diameter: 43.8mm

YJV-0.6/1KV: 54.7mm;

YJV22-0.6/1KV: 64.2mm;

VV, VLV, ZR-VV, ZR-VLV: 69.7mm;

VV22, VLV22, ZR-VV22, ZR-VLV22: 74.3mm;

The above values is only for reference.