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Disadvantages of PVC insulation cable


1) because there are a lot of chlorine, burning will emit a lot of smoke would be suffocating, affect the visibility and produce some carcinogenic substances and HCl gas, on the environment causing serious harm. With the development of low smoke and non halogen insulation material manufacturing technology, PVC gradually replace the insulation has become an inevitable trend in the development of cable. At present, some influential and strong sense of social responsibility of the enterprise, in the company's technical standards clearly put forward a timetable for alternative PVC materials.



2) PVC ordinary insulation resistance to acid and alkali, oil, heat resistance organic solvent resistance is poor, according to the principle of similarity and compatibility of chemistry, PVC wire easily in the specific environment breakage and cracking.


However, by virtue of its excellent processing performance and low cost. PVC cable in household appliances, lighting, mechanical equipment, instrumentation, communication network, building wiring and other fields has been widely used.