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What is rvv cable?


The full name of RVV wire is copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed soft wire, also known as light PVC sheathed flexible cord, soft sheath wire, commonly known as sheath wire. Mainly used in electrical appliances, instrumentation and electronic equipment and automatic device control lines and signal transmission line, power line, concrete can be used for anti-theft alarm system, building intercom system.

Rated voltage 300V/500V, core number from 2 to 24, color separation according to GB standard, more than two core stranding, outer stranded direction is the right to control, widely used in instruments and meters, building intercom, surveillance monitoring installation.



Protective effect of sheath


1, the protection of the cable layer from mechanical damage and chemical corrosion;

2, enhance the mechanical strength of the cable.


Inspection requirements


RVV is multi stranded copper core cable, look online identification, compared the cortical thickness and wire core. The cortex is generally polyvinyl chloride material. The copper core is 19 stranded. General specifications are 1,1.5,2.5 square mm. The length of the line (see one circle is 100 meters), 95-100 meters of GB line, non marking about 90 meters.



Product performance


Product Name: RVV cable, RVV cable

Rated voltage: 300V/500V.

Conductor: stranded copper conductor, in accordance with the GB/T fifth class (equivalent to IEC60228.5).

Insulation: polyvinyl chloride mixture (PVC).

Sheath: flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC), grey (RAL7001).

Core identification: less than 5 core, color core line; black core white number, yellow earth.

Core line number: 2-5 core, 7 - 36 core (CCC catalog products, no CCC certification).

Sectional area: 0.75-2.5mm2, 0.5, 2.5 - 35mm2 (CCC catalog products, no CCC certification).

Test voltage: 2000V, 5min.

Insulation resistance: >200M ohm * KM.

Use temperature: -30 - +70℃.

Bending radius: 15 x cable diameter.

Flame retardant properties: IEC 60332.1.

Packaging specifications: 100M, 500m, 1000m.

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