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2018-25 global silicone rubber power cable annual compound growth rate of 2.3%


According to the status and forecast of the global silicone rubber power cable market released by Market Expertz, the global silicone rubber power cable market will reach 890 million US dollars in 2017. It is estimated that by 2025, this data will increase to 1.07 billion US dollars. 2.3%.

The report revealed that silicone rubber power cables are generally used for power transmission and distribution of 1-36KV voltage circuits. The silicone rubber wire conductor has an operating temperature of -80 to 180 ° C and has high heat resistance and excellent cold resistance. Performance remains relatively constant even with changes in temperature and frequency. It also has excellent electrical insulation properties, corona resistance and arc resistance, even if there is no significant change in performance after several years of outdoor exposure. In addition, it has low water absorption and good mildew resistance, good thermal conductivity, soft and easy to install, tasteless, tasteless, non-toxic, and has no adverse effects on human health.


From the perspective of industry structure, the silicone rubber power cable industry is highly fragmented. Various manufacturers from large multinational companies to small private companies compete in this industry. The top ten producers accounted for approximately 34.58% of the revenue market.

From the known actual data, in 2015, China occupied 35.89% of the production market. Followed by the United States and Europe, accounting for 21.25% and 20.05% of the global total industry, respectively. Production in other countries is relatively small. From a geographical perspective, China is the world's largest consumer market, followed by Europe and the United States.


It is predicted that the global silicone rubber power cable revenue will continue to grow, with an annual growth rate of 1 to 3%, and the growth rate in Europe and China is slightly higher. Considering the current demand for silicone rubber power cables, the report believes that the industry still has bright prospects. As for product prices, as competition intensifies, the slow decline in recent years will continue in the next few years. Similarly, gross margins will fluctuate.