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Google Launches Highest Capacity Undersea Internet Cable


Recently activated trans-pacific link is said to have more capacity than any other subsea cable. It will bring major boost in internet speeds across oceans.A 5,600 mile link between US and Japan, backed by Google has now been activated. Being the world’s highest capacity undersea internet cable, it will provide significant boost to trans-pacific internet speeds. The fiber cable can transport data at speed of 60 terabits per second which is faster than any active subsea cable.

Due to increase in demand for extra space and faster internet speed, there is a significant growth of cloud internet services where Google plays a major role. Unlike earlier days where the internet traffic ran via satellites, these days almost all international traffic runs through undersea cables. Apart from Google, other market giants including Microsoft and Facebook have recently announced an installation of trans-atlantic cable between Bilbao and Virginia Beach.

The ‘Faster’ cable system will connect to hubs in Seattle, Los Angeles, Portland, and San Francisco; along with two points in Japan. These fiber cables need to be reinforced with layers of steel wires, tubing and plastic to prevent damage. Also, laying the cable under the sea requires special ships which can lay nearly 125 miles per day. Few parts of cable infrastructure were reinforced by Google due to shark attacks.