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Last Mile Connectivity Project Launch to Light Every Kenyan’s House by 2020


This Government initiative is set to achieve the target of providing at least 70 percent of the country with electricity which was once considered a privilege only available for rich people.


In East Africa, Last Mile Connectivity Project was launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta to provide electricity in Kiambu County. The primary aim is to increase the number of transformers installed across the country and ensuring that all nearby households are connected to the grid. This initiative is expected to connect nearly 18,290 households by June 2017, during its first phase.

As per media reports, the President recently visited the households that have just been supplied with electricity, whereby the main purpose of his visit was to inspect the implementation of the project in Ndeiya, Kikuyu Constituency.


The head of the state said, “Every Kenyan in need of electricity must be connected whether he live in a mud house or timber house. Days when electricity was a preserve for well offs are long gone.” He further explained, “When we took over the powers, only 30 per cent of Kenyans were connected to electricity challenging us to raise the figure to 70 per cent. We then increased power production where we started by supplying power to all schools and now we are targeting each and every Kenyan.”

Furthermore, the state has reduced the cost of power installation from Ksh 35,000 to Ksh 15,000. Apart from this to reduce the pressure, Government announced that new clients who are unable to raise Ksh 15,000 cash can make the payment in easy installments. Additionally, the simultaneous implementations in other parts of the country will ensure every part is connected to the national grid by year 2020.