Airfield Lighting Cable


Halogen free feeder cable for interconnecting the transformers and the current regulator of airfield lighting systems in series circuits. Suitable for drawing into conduits and laying in trenches. For fixed applications such as taxiways, runways, touchdown zones, land and hold short lighting systems, under normal operational conditions of mechanical stress and climate.



Operating voltage: U05000 V  

Test voltage: 20000 V AC, according to IEC TS 62100

Partial discharge level test: 5000 V, no partial discharge

Operation temperature: – 40 °C to + 90 °C

Permissible short therm: + 250 °C

Lowest ambient temperature: – 60 °C

Bending radius: Static installation > 9 × outer radius


Standards:  IEC502, IEC332-3



Bare copper strands, IEC 60228 class 2

Inner semiconductor



Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE)

Outer semiconductor

Semiconducting tape or extruded


Bare fine copper strands with cross section of 4 mm² and counter helix conductor

Outer sheath

Polyethylene (PE), halogen free, resistant to Skydrol (aircrafthydraulic fluid), de-icing fluid, oil, fuel, water, lean acid and alkali solvents


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