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120 sq mm cable diameter

National standard 120 sq mm cable core is twisted by 37 root diameter 2 mm round wire. The diameter of single core GB 120 square mm cable is 20.2 mm, two core is 39.9 mm, three ...


What is the difference between sheath and insulation of cable material?

The main function of the cable sheath is to protect the cable from the surrounding environment and to make it run safely. The main function of the cable insulation is to make th...


Disadvantages of PVC insulation cable

1) because there are a lot of chlorine, burning will emit a lot of smoke would be suffocating, affect the visibility and produce some carcinogenic substances and HCl gas, on the...


PVC Wire and Cable Environmental Requirements

1. Lead and heavy metal content is low

As we all know, lead and certain heavy metals will adversely affect human health, and in PVC formulations, usually mixed with l...


What is xlpe cable full form?

XLPE power cable because of its electrical properties and heat resistance are good, large transmission capacity, light structure, easy bending, fittings and simple, convenient i...


What is rvv cable?

The full name of RVV wire is copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed soft wire, also known as light PVC sheathed flexible cord, soft sheath wire, commonly known as sheath wire. M...


What is the advantage of large cross-section cable application?

What is the advantage of large cross-section cable application? 

(1) the actual cable through the long-term working current, it must be less than or equal to the perm...

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