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H05RR-F Rubber Cable Suppliers

The H05RR-F VR/TR Rubber Cable is suitable for operation under light stress in dry or damp conditions.


H05RR-F VR/TR Rubber Cable 300/500V is design...


Structure of fire resistant power cable

Fire resistant power cable is usually used for special application,it is different with common power cable,such as xlpe armoured copper cable,aluminum xlpe power cable,36kv alum...


The difference between DC cable and AC cable

The DC cable has the following characteristics compared with the AC cable.

1. The system used is different. The DC cable is used in the rectified DC transmission syst...


Causes and Countermeasures for Power Cable Line Failure

Short-circuit fault: There are two-phase short-circuit and three-phase short-circuit, which are mostly caused by hidden dangers left in the manufacturing process.



Advantages and disadvantages of xlpe cable

Comparison of XLPE insulating and thermoplastic polyethylene, it has the following advantages:

1) improves the heat deformation, improve the high temperature mechanic...


The function of control cable with shield

The control cable is generally composed of a conductor, an insulating layer, an outer wrap and an outer sheath. The function of the insulation layer is to prevent the occurrence...


Low smoke type flame retardant wire and cable performance advantages

Low-smoke type flame-retardant wire and cable can be added with inorganic hydroxide flame retardant such as aluminum hydroxide or magnesium hydroxide in the insulation and sheat...