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Advantages of aluminum alloy conductor aerial bundled cable

Rated voltage of 20kV and below strength aluminum alloy conductors of aerial bundled cable with small sag obvious characteristics, which can make stringing tower than the same s...


11kv multi-core duplex XLPE-insulated abc cable overhead price

Introduction of overhead insulated cable

Our overhead insulated cable have formed a system, such as single core, two-core, three-core and four-core. There are conduct...


2018-2023 Single Core Cables Market with In Depth Industry Analysis

MaketStudy adds a new Global Single Core Cables Market Research Report for the period of 2018-2023 that shows the growth of the market is rising at a steady CAGR from 2018 to 20...


Performance Comparison of Aluminum Alloy Cable and Copper Cable

Aluminum alloy cable is based on ordinary aluminum to add trace elements as a conductor cable form, although the aluminum cable upgrade version, but compared with the copper cab...


South American XLPE insulated ABC aluminum composite cable prices


1.The rated voltage U0 / U:0.6 / 1KV,10KV.

2. The long-time working temperature of cable conductor is ≤70℃PVC, or ≤90℃XLPE. When short circuit(l...


What is the difference between overhead lines and power cable lines?

Overhead lines: They usually has no insulation, bare metal conductor, set up in the air to insulator string fixed on the tower, the air for the insulation. Key advantages: Low c...


Basic structure and specification of power cable

The basic structure of the power cable consists of a core (conductor), an insulating layer, a shielding layer and aprotective layer.



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