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Application of Overhead Insulated Conductors

The overhead insulated conductor application area is suitable for multi-tree areas. Lines erected on bare conductors, in areas with more trees, often the erection and maintenanc...


The methods to ensure the quality of control cable

The appearance quality of the cable is very important. The first impression given to the user is the appearance quality of the product. Therefore, all good products pay attentio...


Characteristics of Overhead Insulated Conductors (ABC Cable)

The main features of overhead insulated conductors (ABC cables) are good insulation properties. Because the overhead insulated wire has an additional insulating layer, the insul...


Overhead insulated conductors are also suitable for use in typhoon areas

Insulated wire: It is a layer of non-conductive material uniformly wrapped around the wire, such as resin, plastic, silicone rubber, pvc, etc., forming an insulating layer to pr...


Custom designed xlpe medium voltage cable suppliers

In addition to standard medium voltage cables, we can also design and supply customized MV cable products developed for your specific applications. Our customized cable solution...


600/1000Vt 35mm 4 Core Armoured Cable Supplier

35mm 4 Core Armoured Cable is a variant of electrical cable that is commonly found within powered networks as well as supplying mains voltage to multiple powered devices etc. It...


Aluminium Conductor ABC Cable Manufacturer

ABC Cable Product Description

The basic construction is as follows:

3 power cores consisting of standard aluminium conductors, insulated with XLPE insulation On...