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Cu/XLPE/STA/PVC Armoured Electrical Cable

Our company can produce both flame retardant and nonflame retardant series of  XLPE power cable Our products can be produced according to our works specifications which are...


What should be paid attention during flat cable installation?

1, the flat cable insulation resistance conversion to 1km, temperature is +20℃, the power wire should not be less than 30MΩ/km.


2, voltage test of...


What inspection should be carried out before laying the cable?

(1) the bracket shall be complete and the paint is complete.


(2) the cable model, voltage, specifications in accordance with the design.


Jiapu Cable exported ACSR to South Africa

Recently, jiapu exported a batch ACSR to South Africa. 

A company from South Africa was going to build a few transmission lines, and after the field investigation to ...


Jiapu`s AAAC is ready for delivery

Recently, Jiapu Cable is going to deliver a batch AAAC to South Africa. 

Jiapu`s sales manager has been tracking the progress of the goods, and also keep close contac...


Jiapu Cable actively to deal with the rise in aluminum price

Recently, the cable raw materials rose, although the situation is grim, it also proved that the cable market demand continues to grow, Jiapu is actively deal with the price rose...


Henan Jiapu Cable`s ACSR order from North American country is going to delivery

Today, Jiapu Cable`s ACSR goods is going to delivery to North American customers. 

Tinde`s departments work together, from the beginning of contract signed to the del...

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