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How to select excellent 95 sq mm aluminum cable ?

As we all know, cable and wire are a necessity for the development and construction of every country and region. So, the demand for power cable and electrical wire is very great...


Malaysia customer comes to factory examination in person goods

Malaysia customer comes to factory examination in person goods, The customer says that the examination of product not only is to be responsible for their own reputation, but als...


2 core armoured cable manufacturing process

Product Feature

Conductor: Aluminium or Copper

Voltage: Up to 35 KV

Armoured: SWA (Steel Wire Armoured) / STA(Steel Tape Armoured) / AWA (Aluminium Wire A...


Tinned copper pvc cable manufacturer

Appliance : electronic wiring
Composition : single
Core : tinned copper, flexible ou rigide
Insulation or sheath : PVC
Temperature : -40℃...


Cheap 1.5mm 3 core swa cable and 2.5mm 3 core swa cable in China

Jiapu Cable Group has high quality and low price 1.5mm x 3 core swa cable for sale. If you just need to buy 1.5 mm 3 core swa cable, that would be great. Jiapu is a professional...


5 Core Armoured Cable Customization

Please kindly send us your inquiry 5 core armoured power cable list and order quantity. Our sales manager will send our offer documents to you within 12 hours. 



PVC insulated twin earth cables

Flexible Cables We manufacture flexible cables which are PVC insulated and can withstand the voltage of upto 1100V. These cables are been...